Cold Flu Viruses, Covid-19, and Type 1 Diabetes

First published in February 2022 – Last edited in September 2022 by Luka Tunjic. © All rights reserved.

The reason why Type 1 diabetes often occurs after infection with common Cold flu viruses or Covid 19

1) One of the main symptoms of common cold flu and Covid 19 is a persistent cough.
2) Analysis of the cough biomechanics further indicates that the adverse changes in habitual breathing biomechanics cause Type 1 diabetes.
Corvid 19, as well as a common cold virus, doesn’t cause Type 1 diabetes. Still, the symptom of covid 19 or the common cold virus (cough) causes a change in habitual breathing biomechanics and altered habitual breathing biomechanics is the cause of type 1 diabetes.

The changes in habitual breathing biomechanics explain why Type 1 diabetes often occurs after being infected by cold flu viruses or Covid 19.
For most people, the cough doesn’t produce lasting changes in habitually breathing biomechanics, and that is why not everyone gets type 1 diabetes after the common cold flu or after Covid 19.
A common cold virus or covid 19 infection is associated with developing type 1 diabetes, mainly in young children. The younger they are, the more chance is to develop type 1 diabetes after being infected with the common cold, flu or covid 19.

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